Becka Brothers Lawn Services





  • Make sure mower blades are extra sharp and is in top working condition  
  • Apply Weed and Feed with Atrazine fertilizer to lawn (not provided by BeckaBrothers) 
  • Apply Granular Insecticide (not provided by BeckaBrothers) 
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide to suppress weeds (not provided by BeckaBrothers)  
  • Remove thatch (dead grass) from lawn by raking  • Aerate lawn to reduce compaction and to ensure the overall health of your lawn 
  • Cut back crape myrtle trees 
  • Prune non-flowering evergreens in early spring 


  • Set mower blades at 3 inches or higher to protect the roots from the heat of the sun 
  • Water lawns deeply and less frequently. Water early in the day to help prevent fungus and disease  
  • Spray a 3-way weed herbicide on lawn to control broadleaf weeds  
  • Keep an eye out for potential insect problems, and treat if problem arises 



  • Lower mower blades
  • Apply fall fertilizer (not provided by BeckaBrothers)
  • Apply herbicide to broadleaf weeds (not provided by BeckaBrothers)
  • Overseed with annual winter ryegrass for a green lawn year-round. 
  • Plant new shrubbery and trees 



  • Cut back on watering the lawn  
  • Remove fallen leaves  
  • Watch for weed growth and if problem arises treat accordingly  
  • Transplant shrubs and trees
  • Protect citrus trees from the cold